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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_wp_text]In the center of Podgorica, under the bridge on river Moraca, the corpse is found. Quickly we learn that it is well known member of a criminal organization. In a very difficult day for him, Salo, police detective, has to investigate the crime. Anger outbursts and problems with the media are his everyday routine, lately. As it is not already enough, in this particular day he has to deal with the microcredit company which charges him for not paying his due, his relationship with the girlfriend is falling apart and he is not able to be at the ballet training of her daughter from ruined marriage. Suddenly, one call changes the game and its rules. Everything changes. The old saying that states that during the investigation, detective finds himself gets the new, twisted meaning.

Year: 2016

Duration: 80 min.

Director: Pavle Simonović

Screenwriters: Stefan Bošković, Sehad Čekić

Producer: Sehad Čekić

Director of Photography: Dušan Grubin

Editor: Hrvoje Mršić

Production Designer: Đorđije Kalezić

Costume Designer: Jelena Đukanović

Cast: Miloš Pejović, Stefan Bošković, Jelena Đokić, Marko Baćović, Branimir Popović, Mišo Obradović, Dejan Ivanić, Ana Vučković, Radmila Škuletić

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