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A Matter Of Will

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Summer is hot and days are long… Never longer if you are in a weight loss camp for children. The camp is located in a seaside resort, far from a city, and it’s been led by a man known as the Instructor. He is preparing the choreography with the children, which will celebrate the finale of the programme. In the slow atmosphere of the summer end, we meet a smallish group of different characters in this microcosm, who have different motives, desires and interests: a group of chubby boys and girls who dream of chocolate and love interests from across the hall, authoritarian instructor and his ideology grounded in “Men’s Health” literature.

Year: 2015

Duration: 24 min.

Screenwriter and director: Dušan Kasalica

Producer: Jelena Mišeljić

Director of Photography: Igor Đorđević

Art Director: Natalija Vujošević

Set Designer: Dragana Baćović

Sound Designer: Ivan Antić

Editing: Nataša Pantić, Dušan Kasalica

Cast: Stefan Bošković, Nikolina Bogdanović, Marija Backović, Dina Nikolić, Novak Nikolić, Miloš Kandić, Ana Savović, Jelena Milošević, Mia Vujović, Maša Kandić, Danilo Otašević, Dušan Vučelić, Luka Mandić, Andrej Vasiljević, Ajla Hodžić

Festivals: Sarajevo Film Festival (Heart of Sarajevo for Best Short Film 2015), International Short Film Festival Wintethur, Pančevo Film Festival, Auteur Film Festival Belgrade, Premiers Plans – Angers Film Festival

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